Brad Sides

Brad Sides


Brad is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, mentor, and coach. With over 14 years of real estate training, investing and brokering under his belt, Brad was looking to transfer his experience earned as a sub-contractor into his own motivational and real estate brand.


Previously, Brad trained over 15,000 students and completed several hundred investment deals. The audience and influence he had amassed was under the umbrella of one of the largest real estate training companies in the world. Dreamstart was able to develop and launch a new platform, BradSidesAcademy. com that afforded him the opportunity to build his training brand under his own leadership. Dreamstart was instrumental in:

  • Developing the design and launch of
  • Managing the social media content for all social media platforms
  • Developing custom content for the free e-book, Seize It
  • Developing the launch site and launch strategy for his first book, Overcoming Your Wait
  • Developing the design, structure, curriculum and supplemental materials for his first e-class, “Give Yourself a Raise”
  • Launching multiple webinars around leadership and real estate
  • Creating the membership portal for Brad’s digital products
  • Managing Brad’s blog


  • Generated over massive surge in sales in less than 2 months
  • Increased brand awareness with nearly 1000 new followers added to his Facebook Page
  • Several new products and services