Your next level is here. Since 2010, I have helped entrepreneurs just like to become successful. I am passionate about helping you to build a life and legacy you can be proud of. This is YOUR TIME! And I am here to help you get there.

I specifically help professionals and entrepreneurs just like you to maximize their strengths and talents and create sustainable income by leveraging their personal brand. I would love to do that with you.

In this class, I will help you identify your personal brand message, teach you how to package that message, and show you how to unify that message to create new sources of income and impact on the problems you care about the most.  

In this SIX SESSION coaching program, I will walk you through everything you need to develop a compelling and profitable brand that not only will add value to your life, but increase your income.

Your legacy starts with you. Don't wait for it to happen. Start systematically developing it TODAY!


Session 1: Find Your Why

In this session, I help you identify the most critical asset to creating an authentic and compelling personal brand message: your passion. Through my LifeScript process, I will help you narrow down multiple passions to one that is valuable and profitable to your impact as well as your income.

Session 2: Identify Your Assets

In this session, I help you identify your innate human assets that make you stand out from the crowd. I will teach you how to identify your most marketable assets from your education, previous work or business experience, volunteer efforts, and even life experience.

Session 3: Understand Your Audience
You will identify your most ideal brand audience, develop your impact message to them, and discover how to appeal to their pain points using your unique assets.
Session 4: Choose Your Platform
I will teach you the 5 most profitable personal branding platforms and teach you how to create income and impact using each of them.
Session 5: Develop Your Products
In this session, I will take you through the 4 Ps that every product must have to be sustainable. We will also develop your first product based on your Distinction Track.
Session 6: Master Your Plan
In this session, you will develop your custom Distinction Plan that will give you exactly what to do 90 days and beyond following the class. You will know exactly how to use your time and resources to build upon the content you learned within the class. This session features live pitching in front of a panel of successful thought leaders.

There's a timeless proverb that says that if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. Ramond has been wildly intentional about teaching me to fish.

His "fishing lessons" in a matter of hours, completely launched me into a mindset that I had not considered, pondered or entertained. His tutelage not only fueled me, but fired me to go further, do more, and be more. With Ramond's help, I have been able to double the international exposure of my blog, increase my income, and release my first e-book.

He's fierce. I'm honored to be one of the chosen ones to glean from such a pure fountain.

Karissa Danae

Upon meeting Ramond, my business had hit a plateau, I needed someone to help me get back on track and fast. But I didn't know who to call or where to turn, mainly because a major part of my business services are to help people get started and back on track with their business. So who could help me I thought? One day I decided to attend an entrepreneur seminar called "Dream Start" and the rest is history.. Ramond not only helped my business get back on track, he has also sent me new clients and continues to mentor me through the process. Ramond's enthusiastic & motivating personality and skill, has guided my business back to greatness!

Alicia Stephens

What I appreciated most about my Entrepreneurial Consultation Session with Ramond Walker and DreamStart was his ability to listen effectively to my concerns about the future direction of my company and the current structure of my brand. Ramond was able to accurately interpret my concerns and provide an excellent plan as to how I should proceed to accomplish the goals of my company and to expand and grow my brand. Ramond Walker is truly a Dream Champion.

C.C. Preston

About Ramond Walker

aboutmepicFor over 10 years, I have developed branding for dozens of non-profits, for profits, and soloprenuers as the Creative Director for two boutique creative agencies. I have done work for the local chapters of two of the largest and most recognized non-profits in the country as well work for dozens of small businesses across the United States. In 2013, I launched the Dreamstart Entrepreneurship Conference, Tulsa’s only conference dedicated to cultivating a more racially diverse entrepreneurial startup community. The conference was the leading event for the local celebrations of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2 years in a row.  Having worked in advertising, young adult ministry and career education for over five years, I combine my passion for creativity, strategy and people to inspire vision and meaningful, intentional living in today’s millennials. 

Distinct Personal Branding One-on-One Coaching

$600 /

-6 Intense Coaching Sessions
-90 Day Action Plan