bet on you!

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your career. Sometimes no matter how much effort you put into your career, it still feels like you’re not getting anywhere.

I know what that feel likes. For years I felt stuck with no way out. I was trapped on the hamster wheel of un-fulfillment with a job I hated and no opportunities in sight. I discovered that the key to my breakthrough wasn’t working more hours or looking for an extra job, but maximizing my own skills and resources to create my own brand.

Since then, I have been able to generate national speaking opportunities, give myself a 10K+ a year raise, develop and launch a conference and most importantly, help thousands of students, professionals and entrepreneurs identify and launch their own personal brand.

Feeling stuck in a job can get a bit frustrating when you are out of options. More money can never make up for the pain of feeling stuck. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to take all of your current skills and experience and leverage them into your own personal brand. What would happen if you could finally bet on yourself for a change? How would you feel if you could create your own opportunities? Imagine what it would be like to make a massive impact doing what you love and generate extra income. You can and I can help get you there!

what is distinct?

DISTINCT is an intensive six-session coaching program designed to help you develop a clear, mission-driven, income-generating, impact-making personal and professional brand. Over the course of these six modules for 12 weeks, I will show you how to get clear about your brand, establish your target niche, stand out in your career or business and become an industry leader. As your coach, I will bring over 10 years of experience in branding, career development, and plain common sense to help you master your identity and create new opportunities for your future.


  • You’re a mid to senior level professional looking for more options outside of your 9-5
  • You’re ready to give yourself a raise
  • You feel like you are worth more than what your job pays you
  • You are ready to fully maximize your skills and experience
  • You are tired of people telling you to finally do something what everything you know
  • You feel stuck where you are
  • Your job is draining the life out of you
  • You don’t feel like you are fully utilizing your network
  • You are ready to step outside of your comfort zone
  • You are ready to invest in you



Branding isn’t just a logo, website or business card. It’s what you stand for, your unique solutions to the world, and how you bring those solutions to fruition. You are the brand. The way you leverage your brand is critical to you personal and professional success. In this session, we will define what a personal brand is, address common myths to personal branding, identify common reasons why brands fail to succeed, and discover  the key components to a successful and thriving brand.


The value in your brand is not in what you do, but why? Your ‘why’ motivates and connects your audience to your message and clarifies the direction your brand will go.  In this session I help you identify your why! Specifically, we will clarify the unique problem your brand will solve, identify what audience you will solve it for, and define your income and influence brand goals.


Your skills are valuable and understanding how to package them is the first step to making them assets and income. In this session, I help you identify your innate human assets that make you stand out from the crowd. I will teach you how to identify your most marketable features from your education, previous work or business experience, expertise, volunteer efforts, and even life experience and how to package that experience for your career and/or business.


Don’t have to hate Mondays! You can actually love them. Your brand is the key to a career you love. In this session, I will help you to leverage your brand to find and land your dream job. Specifically, we will help you identify the right career that combines your passion and your skills, the best and worst strategies for finding a job, how to answer common interview questions, how to negotiate a salary increase or a promotion, and LinkedIn best practices.


Your brand is your vehicle to your audience. In this session, I will teach you four of the most profitable personal branding platforms to create a business from and show you how to generate extra income and measurable impact using each of them. We will explore how to obtain your first client (even if you don’t have an existing audience), the easiest way to build your first business website, sales techniques, and easy strategies to get started generating income.


Ideas with execution is pointless. In this session, you will develop your custom plan that will give you exactly what to do 90 days and beyond following the class. We will create an easy-to-implement plan to track your growth and measure your progress, as well as teach you ways to automate your schedule and your success. You will know exactly how to use your time and resources to build upon the content you learned within the class. 

FREE bonus item 1


After talking to hundreds of individuals, I have realized that the key to helping them get unstuck is to provide a solid plan that is aligned with their passion, skills and unique demographic they are called to solve problems for. Whether you are stuck in a career transition, trying to get a goal accomplished, or simply needing clarity in your day to day life, this easy to read workbook will give you the tools you need to get to your next level. In it, you will be provided with a detailed step by step guide that helps you to develop your goals based on the value you add to those around you. Wherever you are in your journey, this book will help you to accelerate your dreams.

In this package, you will:

  • Identify your unique calling, and develop goals based on it
  • Create a measuring system to keep track of your success
  • Identify the stages of purpose and understand which stage you are in
  • Learn how to find the right team to lead you into your goals
  • Identify areas to manage your time better
  • Give you a practical framework to reach any goal


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You will get a 30 minute Clarity call and a post-program one-hour coaching call where I will follow up on the program content and help you create actionable goals from what you have learned. Ramond is worked with thousands of professionals, business and  owners who have been featured in Yahoo!, Black Enterprise, TED and many more. 



FREE bonus item 3


Throughout the program, we will work through multiple worksheets, templates and action guides to get your going on your brand. 











$665 for 3 Months


[Ramond] has a wealth of knowledge on assisting you in strategically moving forward to achieve your goals. Ramond is naturally gifted in the area of business motivational, enthusiastic and very charismatic which makes him a pleasure to work with. I Highly recommend his services because he is brilliant.

Michele C. Scott

Owner, Lemar Health Care Institute

Whether encouraging, branding, creating, or consulting, Ramond Walker exudes the brilliance of a leader and the creativity of a trailblazer. Ramond has assisted my businesses with the most professional and unique branding and strategic marketing techniques that have not only helped create an effective brand, but have also assisted with making organizational moves towards sustainability and efficiency. His vision and passion has played a significant role in the progression of my organization.

Ashley Cross

Owner, Launch Outreach /

There’s a timeless proverb that says that if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. Ramond has been wildly intentional about teaching me to fish.

His “fishing lessons” in a matter of hours, completely launched me into a mindset that I had not considered, pondered or entertained. His tutelage not only fueled me, but fired me to go further, do more, and be more. With Ramond’s help, I have been able to double the international exposure of my blog, increase my income, and release my first e-book.

He’s fierce. I’m honored to be one of the chosen ones to glean from such a pure fountain.



I had been laid off for 2 months and had literally applied for 100’s of positions. Many times I wouldn’t get a call for an interview and if I did, I didn’t receive a call back. I had begun applying a job, any job that I thought I could do. The dark hole of self-doubt began to open up. Those who have been unemployed know what I am talking about. I knew what to do and how to right a resume, because I worked in Human Resources. I simply couldn’t get that initial call. One day Ramond took the time to take a look at my resume. He completely shifted my perspective when he asked what I had done while I was in my previous roles. He didn’t want a list of my duties, but what I had actually done for the company. After he spent some time with my resume and sent it back to me I was blown away. I’ve never been one to toot my horn, nor had I ever seen a list of my accomplishments in a fashion that Ramond had provided. Within 3 weeks I was called in to interview for my current role. I was one of 60 qualified applicants and 4 of were called in for interviews.  I was called back for my second interview and was offered the job a week later. I KNOW that Ramond’s work kept my resume from going to the bottom of the pile and for that I am eternally grateful.