Developing and managing your personal brand can be overwhelming! From finding the perfect logo designer, developing your website, crafting your website copy and messaging, packaging your services, managing your social media, creating videos, developing landing pages, designing marketing collateral, finding speaking engagements, creating new products, building and managing an e-mail list it’s nearly impossible to find or develop a team that can do all of this well. Influencer was created for this very purpose. We are committed to to being the team you need to take your brand to the next level.

what we do

INFLUENCER PERSONAL BRAND AGENCY provides personal branding and development services to industry experts and corporate executives. We consult, develop and manage their brands by helping them transition their expertise into one of four platforms: author, speaker, coaching or solopreneur. Our services include brand development, identity design, website development and design, video production, book writing and publishing, social media management, graphic design, and coaching.



Once your initial deposit’s been paid, we will begin the initial brand audit consultation. We will first send a questionnaire and assessment to identify where your brand currently is, and the basic parameters of your goals. After this is complete, we will schedule a Brand Strategy session (digitally or in person) in which we will:

  • Identify Your Key Value Proposition
  • Clarify Which Brand Platform is Right for You
  • Identify Your Top Five Goals
  • Identify Your Success Indicators
  • Clarify Your Target Audience


During this stage, we will develop your brand’s language and messaging. We will craft your mission statement, develop your copywriting, and give your brand a voice you can be confident in. Specific things we could develop include  Website Copy, Video Script(s), Book Summaries, One Sheet Copy, Brochure Copy, Culture / Core Values Language, Media Kit Copy
Press Releases, etc.


We will focus specifically on your chosen brand platform during this step. This is where we will work on the specifics of creating your signature product for your platform. This will either be your book (for authors), coaching programs (for coaches), speaking outlines and packages (for speakers), or digital store (for products). A separate process will happen for each brand platform.


During this stage, we focus on the visual identity of your brand. We focus on your logo design and any visual element that encompasses your brand. This includes videos, brochures, book covers, website design, social media graphics, etc. 


We will first develop and launch a small, soft launch of your platform to validate your brand. During that, we will capture real testimonials, videos, and pictures to incorporate into your marketing material. This will be specific to the platform.  Next we will perform a regional and national launch using proven digital marketing techniques to a) increase your exposure b) build your email list and c) grow your social following. While doing this, we will also coach you through our 90 Day Action plan which is a combination of grassroots marketing and networking.