Lucretia Evita

Lucretia Evita


With over 5 years of professional counseling experience, Lucretia came to Dreamstart wanting to completely relaunch and redevelop her professional brand. Her desire was narrow her focus from counseling to helping women become free sexual betrayal. Instead of a therapeutic approach, she desired to transition into a more coaching model for her business.


  • Dreamstart revamped and relaunched Lucretia’s entire brand. We not only help organize her business structure but developed several additional income streams and coaching programs that she could use moving forward. Some of the things we created included:

    • Developed and designed four new coaching programs
    • Created and launched
    • Provided over 10 hours of coaching and support
    • Created marketing multiple marketing pieces including:
      • Logo
      • Business cards
      • Letterhead
      • Slide Deck Template
      • Program Brochure
      • Custom assessment for individuals/couples


    • Lucretia is now a monthly feature on a local radio show
    • Several new clients upon launch
    • Increased brand exposure