I am passionate about empowering young adults and emerging entrepreneurs to living a life filled intentionality, value, and purpose. Whether I am training entrepreneurs how to properly brand and package their companies, college students on how to figure out what they should major in, or helping young professionals get unstuck and thrive in their purpose, it would be my honor to serve you in speaking.  To book me for your next event, use the booking form by clicking on the button. My four passion areas of speaking are in Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Career Development, Marketing and Branding.  Some of the topics I speak on include:


I HEART My Job: Even though culture may label millennials as lazy and entitled, they are actually extremely passionate about adding value to your company and its vision. But how do you get them excited about their job? How do you help them align their vision with yours? In this talk, I teach you how to inspire purpose and vision in your company culture for millennials and show you how to empower them to be raving fans about your brand. Using a combination of research and my own life story, I help your company navigate through the sometimes confusing questions of what millennials need from a career and help teach you how to give it to them!

Personal Development

Get Unstuck: Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you wanted to change careers, but wasn't sure what to do next. Or maybe you wanted to change majors in school, but you had no idea to what. Or maybe you simply wanted to find greater meaning in how you lived, but didn't really know how to begin that journey. In this talk, I help you navigate through a systematic way to realign your life and free yourself from the frustration of trying to figure out what to do next.

You Plus: You are valuable. Understanding your unique value to others and how to apply it to the world around you is critical to living a life of joy and contentment. In this talk, I help you to get clarity about what makes you awesome, and teach you how to intentionally add that awesomeness to be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Teresa to change your world. YOU are good enough.

Better Together: Are you frustrated with the friends you currently have? Do you want to have a better community of friendships and mentors that actually support you. In this talk, I teach your practically on how to identify toxic friendships, cultivate amazing friendships, find a mentor, and build a community that will propel you towards your dreams instead of condemn them.



Major in You: You don't go to college to find your purpose. You attend college to be trained in it. The problem I have discovered with so many young adults is that they expect college to help them figure out what to do in life. In this talk, I share my own college journey coupled with practical action steps to help you nail the RIGHT major, prepare yourself for the real workforce, and help you to navigate through the muddled transition between college and real life. I help identify your assets, and leverage them to find the career of your dreams. College is an amazing place with incredible free resources to do anything you can imagine, for little to no money. I teach young adults how to maximize  those resources and use them to start building their vision. 

Studentpreneur: Entrepreneurship isn't an option for the elect few anymore, but a viable option for everyone. College can be the greatest incubator to help jumpstart the entrepreneurial dream. In this talk, I walk students through the 7 reasons why they should begin their entrepreneurial journey while in college and teach them how to leverage their school's resources to help them become successful business owners.  I share my own entrepreneurial journey while in college and how I used to build a life and business I loved. 

Workshops and Seminars


Have you ever noticed that whenever something significant happens within a movie, there is music accompanying that scene? Whether it is a dramatic car chase, a captivating love scene, or a climatic battle, every major turning point within a film is fueled by the film score. Just like a film, we all have major turning points. Our lives are scripted with events that transform us, heartache that breaks us, and moments that move us. However, what do you do when you feel stuck? What happens when you are trying to figure out what is your next scene? Using my workbook LifeScript & soundtrack LifeScore, I walk you through discovering your value, managing your time, creating goals that align with your value, developing intentional relationships, and so much more. This workshop will help you develop a personal growth plan and vision for your life.