Work With Me

Clarity Session

Do you have a business idea, but don’t know where to begin? Are you in a career or degree transition, but need clarity on what to do next? Do you need clarity about an idea or a decision you would like to make?  During this season, I will help provide clear actionable steps to help you gain clear direction for where you are headed next.

During this 30 minute session, I can help you in one of these areas, or another area of your choice:

  • Getting clarity on a business idea to determine if it is a viable option
  • Review a current product or service and offer suggestions to make it better
  • Help you become clear about your life vision and develop goals to get there
  • Find marketing ideas for a new product or service you are launching
  • Get you unstuck in your current career and provide steps to find one you love
  • Help you find your niche audience in business and discover how to reach them

Focus is the key not only to being successful in business but also in life. My clarity session will help you to gain focus, understand where you are, and help you get to where you are going. Everyone needs someone they can bounce ideas off of. With over 4 years in the professional advertising and media industry, I can give you a fresh perspective with a professional edge.

1-on-1 Session over phone, facetime, video Skype


Message Session

You can have a great business, but if it is not packaged and communicated correctly, no one will know what exactly you offer. I can review your current product and service offerings as well as your brand message and help you restructure it in  a way that makes your life and your customer’s life easier. The better you can communicate your message and what you offer, the more likely your customer will buy from you.

During this 30 minute session, we will:

  • Review your current products and services to determine holes in your messaging or communication
  • Clarify your target audience and realign your message to appeal to that audience
  • Create a three-month strategy to help boost your sales and start meeting your goals
  • Develop a workflow system to help sell your products better

1-on-1 Session over phone, facetime, video Skype


Personal Brand Makeover

It's time to stand out! This two-hour session is specifically for professionals who are looking to stand out from the crowd and land a career that they will love. If you are looking to transition into a new career, get promoted in your current career, or to simply polish up your professionalism, this session is for you! I offer several things you can do with this session including:

  • Resume + Linked-In Review
  • Mock Interviewing and Coaching
  • Social Media Auditing
  • Networking Strategies
  • Career Transition Strategies
  • Negotiation Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching

1-on-1 Session over phone, facetime, video Skype


Business Brand Makeover Session

Is your brand looking dated? Are your messaging AND marketing materials all out of sync with where you would like to be today? Would you like refresh and relaunch your brand to reignite your audience loyalty and your sales? During my Business Brand Makeover Session, I will intensively re-energize you and your team with your brand, as well as provide a custom makeover of your image. During this time, we will:  
  • Review, revise, and integrate your mission, vision, and core values deeply into your company culture and infrastructure
  • Review your products and services and see where there are disconnects with your audience
  • Train you and your team on better sales tactics to sell your product offerings
  • Give you a marketing audit in which we review all of your marketing materials (website, print collateral, videos, etc) and make recommendations on how to improve it
  • Work with you to create new product offerings that naturally align with those you currently have to create more income